Completed in 2012, The Shaggy Nanny is Dallas' premier pet sitting service. Christina, the owner, is a friend of mine and gave me creative control on the project. It is a pretty simple design with a lot of character. If you live in the area and need a pet sitter you know who to call.

Visit the website: The Shaggy Nanny

I owned one of the largest Britney Spears fansites in the world. I started in 2003, so I've worked with everything from photoshoots to live performances. I shut it down a few years ago due to lack of time. Below are a few of my creations.

Live Performance Website, Photoshoot Design

I worked with 'the devil behind the design,' Tamara, to create a very unique website to showcase her clothing designs. To me, her designs are effervescent and I wanted to create not only a website but an atmosphere that spoke to that.


Karen wanted a simple website to showcase her photography. I went with a subtle color scheme and design to draw the eye to her work. The website featured a gallery of her work, a random 'splash page' image, and the normal pricing and contact information.

Preview: Karen Anderson Photography

One of the first websites I created for Elite Depiction, was a website for a children's book following a young girl after hurricane Katrina struck. The website took you through the emotions of the book. It has since been taken down and the book is no longer available.

This was a website for a nanny service. It was a fun project that celebrated creativeness. The business never got off the ground so the website wasn't released, however, it remains one of my favorite websites I've crafted.